Hannah Ellis ILYSoWhat Video!

We love her, so what??? It’s no secret I’ve been raving about how crazy talented this girl is lately. She’s about to take over the world.

Be sure to check out the new Hannah Ellis video for ILYSoWhat below! So cute, from the performance scenes of Hannah, to the awesome hair and makeup and of course the incredible dancing!


Beer City Music Festival: Lindsay Ell, Chase Bryant & Michael Ray

B93.7 in Grand Rapids, Michigan held their first ever Beer City Music Festival at the Delta Plex Arena on January 13, 2018. The general admission show featured Lindsay Ell and Chase Bryant along with headliner Michael Ray!

Lindsay Ell: I’m pretty sure she’s actually an angel. Lindsay is so incredible live, and I’m not saying anything new when I tell you she’s a guitar goddess. This is the second time I’ve seen Lindsay and my mind was just as blown as the first. Between the guitar battle, a Beatles cover, and celebrating her first top 40 single “Criminal” it’s safe to say the whole crowd was in awe.


Chase Bryant: This was also the second time I’ve seen Chase live and I’m such a fan! When I seen him for the first time two years ago I didn’t think it could get any better. (Wrong…) I LOVED what we got to see of his set including “Wayfarer Weather”, and his current single (that I’m OBSESSED with) “Hell If I Know,” however, after the first couple songs of his set we had to go to our Michael Ray meet and greet (YAY!) so we didn’t see a ton of his set. While waiting we were able to hear him cover the Chainsmokers’ “Closer” and “Little Bit of You”, and we were able to make it back in time for “Take It On Back”. Chase is great live and I hope to see him again soon.



Michael Ray: In typical fashion lets start with what I always say: “HE’S THE SWEETEST HUMAN”. Now that we got that out of the way, haha. This was his first show of the year and it was incredible as always. His set included the first three singles among others from the first record, his cover of David Lee Murphy’s “Dust on the Bottle” (please record a studio version of this with Devin Dawson), and seven new songs off his upcoming record, including his current single, “Get to You”. The new music… no clue how he and his team are gunna choose his next single, because every one he played was a smash. Seriously, this stuff is next level. It’s no secret that Michael is one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to see him on the Get To You Tour!

Looking to catch him on tour? Michael just announced the third leg of his “Get to You” tour. Go to michaelraymusic.com for more info, you won’t want to miss it!

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What I’m Listening to Right Now!

Looking for something new to listen to? Here’s some of what I’m loving right now!

(Yes, there is a lot of Devin Dawson on this list, yes I did do a separate post about how awesome Dark Horse is. Read it HERE.)

IT’S HERE! We LOVE Devin Dawson’s Dark Horse Record!

“My heart bleeds for country music…”

I told you in my fall recap that after seeing him twice I’ve become one of the world’s biggest Devin Dawson fans, so I have been one of many highly anticipating this record! Talking about a few of my favorites here, but you need to run not walk to where you get your music and listen to this record front to back, because its one of the best you’ll hear all year.

All On Me: JAM OF THE CENTURY. Duh! It’s about to crack top ten on the chart, everyone on the planet has it stuck in their head right now. I call my Momma and she’s humming it. Just such a jam.

Secondhand Hurt: “Nobody told me how hard it is to be the breaker, I’ve always only been the broken”. This has been a song fans have had for a while now, but the anthem of unexpected heartbreak is such a creative take on regretting ending a relationship.

Placebo: I’m already driving way to fast in my car and dancing around my apartment to this song… OBSESSED.

War Paint: “That ain’t makeup she got on, it’s war paint…” Damn. Just Damn. This one stuck with me both times I heard it live, and I love it.

Prison: My friends and I have been obsessively tweeting Devin begging him to release this song as an early release. It didn’t work, but it was worth the wait! One of my favorites on the record, and I’m gunna play it loud enough for all of West Michigan to hear on my way to work tomorrow.

Dark Horse: It’s Devin’s story, but its a lot of other people’s story too.

If this isn’t nominated for every Album of the Year category everyone has gone mad. GO GET IT NOW!



Fall Recap: Where Was I?

So when I moved to West Michigan I was wayyy closed to one of my favorite concert buddies, Cori. We’ve gone a little concert nuts since August. (This is a continuation of my last post of where have you been, but to prevent it from being to long I separated it.. so heres whats happened since August haha).

We’re a couple hours from Chicago. When Thomas Rhett announced his three show album release parties so close to us I HAD to be there. Thirty bucks got you a ticket, a t-shirt, a signed CD and a digital copy. It was INCREDIBLE. I had class, so we were standing at the back of Joe’s on Rosemont and I had chills the entire time. It was so cool.

The very next day we drove to Taylor, MI because Michael Ray was playing, duh. I ended up with meet and greets because he’s the sweetest human, and also became one of the world’s biggest Devin Dawson fan that day.

The next weekend we headed to Allegan to see Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen play. (Everyone went nuts during Life Changes in the parts about Lauren, Willa Gray and Ada James).

I then got to go see Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd, in his hometown of Kalamazoo. Such a good show. This was the weekend after the Vegas tragedy and the most beautiful moment I’ve ever seen at a concert was Maren’s tribute with Dear Hate.

Next my Momma and I drove six hours to Indianapolis to see Russell Dickerson’s album release party show. Such an incredible show, such an incredible album. So good to get to hug he and Kails. Also, I got to see Hannah Ellis open, which was awesome, and she was such a sweetie!

(Wow, as I type this I’m realizing I’ve been real busy since I moved here).

The weekend after RD, Mom, Cori and I drove to Medina, OH because thats the closest Michael’s headlining tour was. We did VIP. Devin and Michael were incredible (in other news the sky is blue) and there new music is SO GOOD.

The week of Granger Smith’s album release he did all sorts of pop up shops promoting When the Good Guys win. One of these were under an hour away from me, so I was obviously there. This was so cool. They weren’t there to make money, in fact the album was five bucks. They were there to get that album in people’s hands and to say thank you.

LASTLY, I went to Nashville. We went to the Country Rising Benefit show, which had a bunch of great acts such as Chris Stapleton, George Strait, Sam Hunt and Reba. The highlight of the trip for me was probably the night before though. We went to see a writers round at The Listening Room Cafe. This is a monthly round with Josh Kerr, Jordan Minton, Jordan Reynolds and Nick Wayne. (Josh is one of the writers behind Dylan Scott’s “My Girl”, and Kelsea Ballerini’s “Dibs” and “Love Me Like You Mean It.” He is also currently producing Nick’s record. Being a big KB fan, I’ve became a huge fan of his writing, so when I found out we were in town for this round we HAD to go. Jordan Reynolds wrote multiple tracks on the new Russell Dickerson record, – including on of my favorites “Would You Love Me”, Dan + Shay’s new single “Tequila”, and Lauren Alaina’s “Three”, and Keith Urban’s “Gettin’ In The Way”). About halfway through the round they say oh yeah, Keith Urban is here… then I lost my mind, because I was like five feet away from him, so that didn’t suck. Overall, this show was so cool to see. Such a talented group of writers. There was one other special guest, Hannah Ellis. It was so cool to get to see Hannah again after seeing her in Indy and to see her get up and sing a verse/chorus of her single “Temporary Feeling” and to see the whole group perform “How Do I Get Close” (wrote by Ellis, Wayne and Kerr).

It’s been an awesome and busy time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where have you been? (Recap from Summer)

Hi. Life has been crazy since the end of June when I last posted (yeah, sorry about that).

I was putting a lot of time into this blog, and I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I also wanted to live more in the moment in June and July and soak up my time at shows and with friends and family because…

I moved across the state for college. You may or may not know that I want to go into radio, and I’m working on a communications degree. Since I started school, I started an internship at a rock station. Even closer to my heart, I now have my own country radio show called Country with Jess on the college station.  A lot of life has happened since I last posted, but hopefully, I can do better with this again.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to not take you through the rest of the summer now that life has “calmed” (not at all I’ve just adapted haha) down since I’ve moved.

I left off at Sam Hunt 15 in a 30 Tour and me freaking out about Michael Ray at Birthday Bash.

At the end of June we went to WYCD’s Hoedown at DTE Energy Theatre. We seen Russell Dickerson (who you may or may not remember I adore), Brett Young, Kelsea Ballerini and Lady Antebellum. We had VIP so I got to see Kels and hear some of the songs early off the INCREDIBLE record that has since been released . During Kelsea’s set I got to hang out with Russ and Kailey in the pit, and as you can imagine watching one of my favorites with another was a dream. Also, Brett Young took a selfie on my phone so RIP Jessica.


Then after trying all day, I won tickets to a private Michael Ray listening party, with about twenty other people and it was one of the absolute highlights of the summer. He’s the sweetest human, I adore him, and he was basically the theme of the summer because hugging him happened a whole lot. He played a couple new songs for us, (Cold as You, Get to You, Her World or Mine and the Jerrod Nieman cut he wrote – God Made a Woman). Then he took time to take pictures and talk with everyone, and I will never not tell you how he’s the SWEETEST human I’ve ever met.

Then it was Faster Horses time! The highlights: the radio girl gave me meet and greets for Michael (yay, more hugs haha), Bailey Bryant KILLED it, and LANco was even better this time than the last two times I’d seen them.

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Then we went and seen and met Granger Smith at the Clair County Fair, and he was INCREDIBLE, as usual.

Then I moved across the state for college and it only gets better from here… I will have a post to follow with an update from September to now up soon!

Sam Hunt 15 in a 30 Tour 6/16/17

Sam Hunt, Maren Morris, Chris Janson and Ryan Follese

DTE Energy Theatre || 6/16/17

Pre Show: We drove to DTE and I had VIP for Maren, so we went and picked up my pass, and stopped by the radio stations, where we signed up to try and win signed Sam Hunt guitar (because thats obviously likely, haha)… then went and pulled up some ground on the hill for a while. Then I went to go line up for my meet and greet with Maren Morris. Next thing I know I’m backstage, down a flight of stairs talking to a girl I went to college with and my Mom appears. I’m sitting here thinking, oh my goodness, did my mother just sneak into MM’s meet and greet? Is something wrong? What the heck is happening?… My Mom won the signed Sam Hunt guitar, a Maren meet and greet and two passes for us to meet Ryan Follese, who I had been tweeting all week hoping to meet. So we got to meet Maren, I got my laminate signed, and Momma got my CD signed, and we took pictures.


Ryan Follese: We then got back to the hill for Ryan’s set after MM’s meet and greet. His set was great including “Wilder” from his EP, along with “Float Your Boat”, “Put a Label On It”, and his next single “Lose a Little Sleep”. The Hot Chelle Rae front man, turned solo country artist, closed his set with a mashup of the band’s hit “Tonight Tonight” and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. Ryan’s set was great, then we were headed backstage to meet him, which was awesom. Such a sweetheart!


Chris Janson: Chris always puts on such a great show! His set consisted of “I Love This Life” (recorded by LoCash, wrote by him), “Truck Yeah” (recorded by Tim McGraw, wrote by him), along with “Holding Her”, “Fix a Drink”, “Buy Me a Boat” and others. Lots of energy, dancing and harmonica playing, and an incredible show.


Maren Morris: OH. MY. GOODNESS. The girl sounds so beautiful live! She sang a bunch of hits from her Hero record, including “Sugar”, “Rich”, “Second Wind”, “80’s Mercedes”, and “My Church” and her latest single “I Could Use a Love Song” amongst others. Maren started “I Could Use a Love Song” just her and her guitar. So incredible. So beautiful.


Sam Hunt: I’d seen Sam twice before this, and this time it was next level. He opened with “Leave the Night On” followed by “House Party”, along with bunch of hits including “Make You Miss Me”, “Break Up In a Small Town”, “Body Like A Backroad”, “Speakers” and “Saturday Night” amongst others. He also sang a cover of Alan Jackson’s “Don’t Rock the Juke Box”, and Travis Tritt’s “Great Day to Be Alive”. Maren, Ryan and Chris also joined Sam onstage for a cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya!”. The show was incredible, and Sam had gotten so much better since I seen him back in 2015 and 2016.


The 15 in a 30 Tour was incredible. Be sure to check it out if it hits a city near you!