Artist Spotlight: Russell Dickerson

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About three years ago Tyler Hubbard (of Florida Georgia Line) was talking about a song he wrote that was put out by an artist named Russell Dickerson. I listened to the song and bought it on iTunes immediately. I had become obsessed with the song “That’s My Girl” (side note: not much has changed). Since then, Russell has independently released his current EP, Yours, and created an amazing video with his sweet gem of a wife, Kailey. Since then the sweet Dickerson fam has got to see that title track gain popularity, and on September 29, 2016 RD signed a record deal, with Sony New York and Triple Tiger. (One of my favorite things about Russell is his love for his wife and just how much he credits his  her for his success. From taking some awesome photos on the road, and helping create videos, to helping drive from city to city, RD is the first to say Kailey is a major part of the operation).

I got to see Russell at Faster Horses this summer and his show was AMAZING. When they talk about RDparD, they certainly aren’t taking the party lightly, because that’s truly what it is. I got to meet Russell and Kailey at the show, and my mind was blown by how sweet they were. Two of the most kind humans I’ve ever met.

Russell Dickerson Collage
Faster Horses 2016

When you look at my about the creator page you see three of my favorite artists are Russell, Thomas Rhett and Kels. The day the Hometeam tour was announced my mother was NOT happy with how loud I screamed… Then she could hear me screaming outside of our house when she was leaving for work (love youuuu) so to say I can’t wait for this Saginaw show to get here is an understatement. Can’t wait for the RDparD to come back to Michigan! Check Russell out on the Hometeam tour and his “Yours” headlining tour this winter! Can’t wait until then? (Me either!) I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of some of my favorite Russell Dickerson songs below! Enjoy 🙂

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Insta/Twitter/Facebook: @russelled


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