Sam Hunt 15 in a 30 Tour 6/16/17

Sam Hunt, Maren Morris, Chris Janson and Ryan Follese

DTE Energy Theatre || 6/16/17

Pre Show: We drove to DTE and I had VIP for Maren, so we went and picked up my pass, and stopped by the radio stations, where we signed up to try and win signed Sam Hunt guitar (because thats obviously likely, haha)… then went and pulled up some ground on the hill for a while. Then I went to go line up for my meet and greet with Maren Morris. Next thing I know I’m backstage, down a flight of stairs talking to a girl I went to college with and my Mom appears. I’m sitting here thinking, oh my goodness, did my mother just sneak into MM’s meet and greet? Is something wrong? What the heck is happening?… My Mom won the signed Sam Hunt guitar, a Maren meet and greet and two passes for us to meet Ryan Follese, who I had been tweeting all week hoping to meet. So we got to meet Maren, I got my laminate signed, and Momma got my CD signed, and we took pictures.


Ryan Follese: We then got back to the hill for Ryan’s set after MM’s meet and greet. His set was great including “Wilder” from his EP, along with “Float Your Boat”, “Put a Label On It”, and his next single “Lose a Little Sleep”. The Hot Chelle Rae front man, turned solo country artist, closed his set with a mashup of the band’s hit “Tonight Tonight” and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. Ryan’s set was great, then we were headed backstage to meet him, which was awesom. Such a sweetheart!


Chris Janson: Chris always puts on such a great show! His set consisted of “I Love This Life” (recorded by LoCash, wrote by him), “Truck Yeah” (recorded by Tim McGraw, wrote by him), along with “Holding Her”, “Fix a Drink”, “Buy Me a Boat” and others. Lots of energy, dancing and harmonica playing, and an incredible show.


Maren Morris: OH. MY. GOODNESS. The girl sounds so beautiful live! She sang a bunch of hits from her Hero record, including “Sugar”, “Rich”, “Second Wind”, “80’s Mercedes”, and “My Church” and her latest single “I Could Use a Love Song” amongst others. Maren started “I Could Use a Love Song” just her and her guitar. So incredible. So beautiful.


Sam Hunt: I’d seen Sam twice before this, and this time it was next level. He opened with “Leave the Night On” followed by “House Party”, along with bunch of hits including “Make You Miss Me”, “Break Up In a Small Town”, “Body Like A Backroad”, “Speakers” and “Saturday Night” amongst others. He also sang a cover of Alan Jackson’s “Don’t Rock the Juke Box”, and Travis Tritt’s “Great Day to Be Alive”. Maren, Ryan and Chris also joined Sam onstage for a cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya!”. The show was incredible, and Sam had gotten so much better since I seen him back in 2015 and 2016.


The 15 in a 30 Tour was incredible. Be sure to check it out if it hits a city near you!


B-93 Birthday Bash: Day 1 6/17/17

Paradise Outlaw, Joe Diffie, Brooke Eden, Michael Ray, Granger Smith and Big & Rich

We’re just going to start this article out by saying that 1.) B-93 can throw a party and 2.) I just love Michael Ray.

Paradise Outlaw and Joe Diffie: We got to the track towards the end of Paradise Outlaw’s set (local band). We heard a few songs from them while we were walking in and they sounded great. As for Joe Diffie, we were working on getting checked in and getting details for our Granger Smith meet and greet, and didn’t see much.


Brooke Eden: I ADORE Brooke Eden. Her set consisted of songs from her “Welcome to the Weekend” EP –  “Silence Speaks”, “Sunday Mornin'”, and her current single, “Act Like You Don’t”, along with “American Dreamin'” amongst others. We got to see Brooke afterwards because she is the SWEETEST human, and stood and signed for anyone who wanted to come meet her. (Seriously, I think she was there for a couple hours). I got to have her sign our picture from last summer and she even posted it the picture from Friday on her Instagram so that made my freakin’ day!

Michael Ray: Also on the list of people I adore is this sweet fella. Not only is he like, REALLY good looking, he is incredible live. His set consisted of a couple covers including a mashup of “House Party”, “Wagon Wheel”, and a few other tunes. He also covered David Lee Murphy’s “Dust on the Bottle”. Its one of my favorite songs on the planet as it is, and so many people cover it, but no one does it like Michael. SO. DAMN. GOOD. He sang his new single “Get To You” (ALSO SO GOOD), along with his hits “Think a Little Less”, “Real Men Love Jesus”, and “Kiss You In The Morning”. His set also consisted of other songs from his debut record including “This Love”, “Another Girl”, and my favorite, “Drivin’ All Night” amongst others. We got up to get lunch after Michael’s set and next thing I know he’s standing at the fence signing and taking pictures with people. I got to see Michael last month at The Ryman, and was so excited to see him again. (Also, I’m not sure if it was Birthday Bash, or Michael Ray Bash, because I don’t think I’ve shut up about him since Saturday, or stopped jammin’ his new single since it came out Thursday).

Granger Smith: Before the show we had meet and greets and seeing Granger is always great. He and his crew are super sweet. His show was wonderful as always. His set included “Backroad Song”, “If The Boot Fits”, “19 Forever”,  “Silverado Bench Steat”, “Remington”, and his new single “Happens Like That”, along with tons of others. Granger is always a huge crowd pleaser, especially when he walks in the crowd during “We Do It In A Field” (he high-fived my little brother and he was GEEKED). He also did some phenomenal covers of Alabama’s “I’m in a Hurry” and Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”. Of course Earl Dibbles Jr. came out and sang “The Country Boy Song”. Such a great set, as always.

Big & Rich: This is the second time I’ve seen Big & Rich and they were so much better this time than last! There set included “Lost in this Moment”, “Comin’ to Your City”, and “I Play Chicken with the Train” featuring Cowboy Troy, and lots of other songs. A highlight of the show: Michael Ray wrote “Run Away With You” with John Rich, and came out to sing it, which was freaking incredible. One of the coolest things was when Big & Rich sang “8th of November” and brought a veteran onstage for the song to show appreciation for our men and women who have served, or are serving our country.  During the last few songs the veteran, along with Michael, Granger and a few others sat in the back at the bar and watched the rest of the show including “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”.

Day one of Bash was INCREDIBLE. Stay tuned to hear about day two!


RDparD – Knoxville Edition!

The day after my college graduation I was taking a nap, because I deserved it dang it, haha. I woke up and seen Russell’s “Just Announced: Knoxville, TN” tweet, and realized it was while we were on vacation in Gatlinburg. I started frantically pulling up the Maps app immediately to see how far it was from where we were staying. When it said an hour it was a no brainer, (and a “MOMMMM! WE HAVE TO GO, RUSS IS GUNNA BE AN HOUR AWAY! PLEASEEEEEEE?!”). VIP for the show was $30, and all the money went to the Boys and Girls Club on top of it all, so we got out tickets and were ready, and I was counting down the days all week…

We got to the venue, which was a little stage set up in the middle of an outdoor shopping mall. We walked around for a little bit, because we were there really early, then decided we’d just go start the line. Russell came out and sound checked since he had just got off a flight, so we got to see soundcheck, which was cool. We weren’t going to bug him before the show because our VIP had a meet and greet after the show, but after he left the stage I look over and he was frantically waving to come say hi.

We talked about graduation, the Hometeam Tour, how Momma was the best for agreeing to drive to Knoxville because neither of us knew where the heck we were, and of course the first time I heard “Yours” on our local radio station. (If you didn’t read about me almost crashing my car when that happened you can check it out here). I love Russ’ music, and his live show is phenomenal, but the thing I love most: I’ve met him three times now, and he has consistently been the most genuine, kind, not only artist, but human I’ve ever met. I also got to see his sweet wife, Kailey, and she’s such a freaking rockstar. Also, the kindest human.

We noticed in pictures from previous shows everyone sat down at these shows, but thats just not how you have an RDparD, haha. We didn’t have any clue what we were doing, so we just stood in front of the stage, because thats where we (and a bunch of others) wanted to be anyway. (Also, shout out to the two nice guys who we talked to in line and held our spot up front because we were talking to RD. Everyone is so much nicer in Tennessee. That’s a FACT.) We also got to be upfront with my Twitter friends Shannon and Maddie who were from NOWHERE near Knoxville, and drove a long ways. Its funny what music and the internet does, when you know two girls from totally different states, because we’re all Russell fans…

Russ sang all the songs off the Yours EP (Every Little Thing, MGNO, Blue Tacoma and Yours). He asked what everyone wanted to hear because he was just kinda jammin’ and didn’t have a plan. I don’t think he was expecting 0 to 60 to be a response (my response). He said it was the first song he ever wrote (you learn something new every day), and he didn’t even know if he remembered the words (fun fact, he did, because he said he’d sing the chorus for me, then sang the whole song, and I was the happiest human). He also sang That’s My Girl, Billions (new song, YouTube it and thank me for the suggestion later), and Whiskey on my Breath (recorded by Love and Theft, he was a writer on it!). The show was incredible, but its Russell, so it always is.

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Post show, we had a meet and greet from purchasing VIP, so we got to say hey again, and he thanked us again for driving, congratulated me on graduating again, and we talked about the fact that I want to go into radio for a second. We took a few more pictures, talked about seeing he and Kailey (the best meet and greet photographer everrrr) in June at Hoedown in Clarkston, MI,  then said goodbye and headed to standstill traffic on the expressway and a woman who drove for ten miles in the pitch black without headlights on behind us.

Every time we see Russ it just gets better. I cannot wait to see him in June and am always so blown away by how kind he and Kailey are.




But also, his Die to Live Again album is incredible and if you don’t have it… fix that:

Follow Russell:  Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @russelled

Tour Dates, Merch and everything thats good on his website:

Throwback to the RD Artist Spotlight HERE



Song Suffragettes Show!

Song Suffragettes || The Listening Room Cafe

Monday, May 15, 2018

Kalie Shorr | Mae Estes | Tristan McIntosh | Cheyenne Goss |Krysta Nick


Its no secret there is a lack of women on country radio. This show started to attempt to combat that. Every Monday night at the Listening Room Cafe in Nashville, 6:00, no cover charge (just a $10 food/drink minimum per person), the Song Suffragettes hold an all female writers round.

I’ve been watching Nashville Friends’ Snaps and Instagrams from the Suffragette shows, and all sorts of other shows at the Listening Room for a few years now. I finally got to go to the Listening Room when we were in town on vacation, and I was so excited to be able to catch the Song Suffragettes Show!

I’ve been following song writer Kalie Shorr for a few years now. I was not familiar with and of the other four girls’ writing, although I remembered Tristian from her time on American Idol. Let me tell you this round was incredible.

I remember a few names of songs that the girls sang, but if we’re being honest, I was pretty in the moment, so I didn’t think of taking note of song titles. (Bad blogger I guess, haha). Each girl sang three songs.

May Estes started the night out with a song called Secrets, and another one of her songs was a sassy song, now don’t direct quote me, but it was along the lines of “My Backside is My Best Side Anyways”. So sassy, SO GOOD.

Krysta Nick performed her single, “Strange Love” and it was wonderful! I downloaded it as soon as I possibly could… and you should too! (Of course, all of the info will be at the bottom of this post).

Kalie Shorr was next, and because I’ve followed Kalie for a while, so she’s the one I can tell you exactly what she sand! (I did one thing right, haha). Kalie sang a new (hilarious) song called Astronaut, a new song off her “Slingshot” EP, Nothin’ New, and of course her XM hit from last summer, “Fight Like A Girl”.

Tristan McIntosh has an absolutely stunning voice. Here is a video posted on the Song Suffragette YouTube from the show of her performing “Normal People”:

Lastley, Cheyenne Goss sang a trio of songs about an ex. Below is a clip posted of Cheyenne by the Suffragettes. She also announced at the show her new single will drop June 9!

The girls closed the show by doing a beautiful cover of “Speak to a Girl” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

If you are in Nashville on a Monday night I highly recommend getting a free ticket to the Song Suffragette show. The show was incredible and we got to chat with some incredibly sweet songwriters. One of the highlights of our trip for sure! I got to see Kalie, who I have been a fan of for a long time, and learn of some awesome new female songwriters.

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Catch a Song Suffragette Show, every Monday, 6:00, The Listening Room Cafe!

Can’t make it? Follow them on Twitter/Periscope to live stream the show.

Music and Social Media Pages:

Song Suffragettes:



Twitter/Instagram: @songsuffragette

Facebook: @songsuffragettes

Mae Estes:

Facebook: @MaeEstesMusic

Twitter: @maykestes

Instagram: @maeestes

Krysta Nick: 

New Single:

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @krystanick

Kalie Shorr:

New EP:

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @kalieshorr


Tristan McIntosh:

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @tristianmcintosh

Cheyenne Goss:

Twitter/Facebook: @cheygoss

Instagram: @chey_goss

*Also, my Trisha Reba Shania Shirt was a big hit at the show… Get it at the Whiskey Riff

Shop Here:

Trisha. Shania. Reba. T-Shirt


Georgia On My Mind Show – Nashville, TN

My parents and I headed to Nashville for vacation in early May. When I was planning for the trip I was so excited to find out the Peach Picker’s Annual Georgia on my Mind show was happening at the Ryman Auditorium. Not only was I excited because we were going to Nashville and it was going to be a great show… but it was my first show at the Mother Church.  This benefit is put on by the Peach Pickers (the trio of Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip, who are responsible for a lot of the music you hear on country radio right now… – think “Honey Bee” and “Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Everyday”), and benefits Georgia Music Preservation.

Some of the country acts announced prior to the show were Michael Ray, Lauren Alaina, Chris Janson and Kip Moore. I found out the morning of the show that Thomas Rhett was added to the lineup and was basically the happiest human. Also added was Jon Pardi and Billy Currington.

The show was absolutely incredible. Some of my favorite parts: Michael Ray and Lauren Alaina sang there respectable number ones with “Think a Little Less” and “Road Less Traveled”. Cole Taylor stunned with a new song he wrote. Chris Janson did a mashup of “Buy Me a Boat” and his new single “Fix a Drink”, and Kip Moore did a beautiful acoustic version of “That Was Us”. The Peach Pickers were also wonderful, singing songs recorded by artists such as Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and Jake Owen. Rhett Akins sang That Ain’t My Truck and the whole Ryman Auditorium was on there feet. However, my favorite part of the night, of course, was Thomas Rhett. TR’s sang “Star of the Show”, then said he was just “this much tired” after being a father to he and Lauren’s 18 month old daughter who had arrived home just five days earlier (sweet Willa G is the most adorable thing, keep sharing those sweet Insta stories, TR!). He thanked his Dad for allowing him to get out of the house for a few hours with a laugh, then dedicated his second song to the women who was watching his child as he said, then played “Die a Happy Man”. (Other acts included T Graham Brown, Driving and Crying, and Ottis Redding III, amongst others).

The show was incredible, and we were fortunate to meet some wonderful and kind artists both before and after the show. (My meet and greet picture from TR’s Hometeam tour came out a blurry mess, so if I was the happiest girl when he was gunna be at the show, you can only imagine how happy I was to get a clear picture and to meet him again). The BEST night! Check out some photos below!


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Concert Review: Drake White and the Big Fire

When your local radio station puts on a show that is across the street from the community college you graduated from the day before, you go. I paid $20 a seat for my  sweet Momma and I to see Drake White Saturday night, and it was one of the best choices I ever made. If we’re being two hundred percent honest, I really only knew a few songs going into the night, however, I had heard from so many people say that he is absolutely incredible live… they weren’t kidding. SO GOOD.

Although I didn’t know a ton of the songs, I was so entertained. Drake’s show was so high energy. He ran up and down the aisles of the theatre multiple times, and at one point did an unreleased song acoustic, while the rest of the band was off stage. During this time he stepped away from the mic and sang, just him. I had chills, it was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.

What you really need to know is that during band introductions at the end of the show Drake had a flock of small children dancing on stage (and it was the most precious thing I’d ever seen). He then introduced his incredible band and finished the song, backup dancers included.

After the show Drake took the time to go out to the merch stand and sign autographs and take photos with anyone who waited in line. He was such a class act, and I can’t wait to catch his set again at Faster Horses on the Next from Nashville Stage!

The Home Team Tour!

The day this lineup came out I lost all chill… and not much changed at the show.

We got to The Dow Event Center, and checked in to the Home Team VIP. We got our lanyards, meet and greet passes and our merch gift – a fanny pack, a towel, and a sweatband. We also picked up our Ryan Hurd meet and greet passes.

First was our TR meet and greet. I was shaking so bad. I walked in, congratulated him on the babies and we talked about Learned it from the Radio being my favorite song. We talked for another minute, we took a picture, he gave me a hug, then I walked out in the lobby and almost bawled my face off in excitement. (If I had that meet and greet picture it would be here… but I won’t get it for a few days, and I’m not a patient person and I wanna post this haha).

Between Thomas’ meet and greet and acoustic performance we had our Ryan Hurd meet and greets we had won. It was super awesome to meet Ryan. He was such a sweetheart!

Then it was time for one of the best parts of the night: the VIP acoustic performance. We were in the back because of having to leave the line for our Hurd meet and greet, and  I was leaning up against a closed bar that was in the VIP room. I look to my right as I’m leaning on the bar, and who is standing there? LAUREN. I started frantically waving like an idiot, and she in her sweet Lauren way, of course, smiled and waved back. I had a picture with her from a few years ago, and a bunch of TR’s crew was standing by her and one of the ladies handed it to her to sign. TR played “Make Me Wanna” and “Die a Happy Man” and answered a few questions. The funniest parts of the Q&A consisted of someone giving TR a Christmas ornament for the new baby. (They suggested Laur come open it, he said she was to pregnant, and as I stood three feet away from her the look on her face was priceless). TR says “Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland?” (the worlds largest Christmas store for all the non-Michigan kids) and Lauren jumps off the counter and says “THOMAS RHETT THAT’S WHERE I WANTED TO GO TODAY!” Russell Dickerson and his sweet wife Kailey popped there heads in around the corner during VIP as well (at which point I started frantically waving to the two of them, because they’re basically the sweetest humans. Also, notice a theme with my frantic waving…ha). During the Q&A everyone was asking about Lauren, and TR said he thought he should quit singing and they should just do a stand up comedy act because all the questions were about her. After the performance she slid over on the counter and we took a picture and I was so excited. My night had been made LONG before the show started. The decor in the Home Team lounge was super awesome too. Our host told us that TR and Lauren gave VIP Nation a lot of the things to decorate with. (Photos of them growing up, wedding photos, football helmets, and they even had Lauren’s red dress that was part of the inspiration for Die A Happy Man). The VIP experience was so cool and it was awesome to see TR and Lauren.

Then it was show time! Russell Dickerson opened the show, and if you’ve read anything on this blog, you probably know I adore RD. We got to hear all four songs off the Yours EP (BLUE TACOMA IS MY JAM AND EVERYONE AROUND ME KNEW IT) and a song that isn’t out yet. Russell never ceases to amaze me live. During his second or third song my Mom looked at me, laughed and said “I know you love Russ, but its the first act, if you keep screaming and singing like that you aren’t gunna have a voice”. (Side note: I didn’t shut up, and thankfully , and shockingly, could talk this morning).

Ryan Hurd was up next. He was so full of energy and sounded awesome! I’ve listened to Ryan’s music, and I love it, but going into the show I wasn’t super familiar with it like I was the others. I was super impressed. He was great!

Kelsea TIMEEEE! Again, if you frequent the blog, you know she’s basically my favorite human. She killed it as always. Her set consisted mostly of songs from The First Time, a heartbreak medley leading into Peter Pan, a cover of The Chainsmokers “Closer” and one of the songs that is going to be on KB 2 – “Roses”. SO. GOOD.


Then it was TR time! Thomas was amazing as always. He sang a mix of songs from the first and second record, and two from his next record.


At one point, TR went to a B stage at the back of an arena and did a mashup of some record one songs. On the way back he sported a Dad to Be hat with a pink something (a bow?) on it, and talked about his daughter to be for a second.  TR had a beer(?) on the B stage, went to hand it to Lauren, then goes “I almost handed you that, you can’t have that, you’re pregnant” (then the entire arena erupted in laughter). During the show another fan handed TR a onesie that said “Star of the Show” on it. Another fan had a poster that TR pointed out asking if they needed a nanny. I think its safe to say Thomas and Laur aren’t the only ones excited about the future Akins babies, the fans already adore them and they haven’t even made there way into the world yet. Now that we’ve all collectively gushed over that preciousness… Danielle Bradberry showed up! When TR started to sing “Playing with Fire” I assumed it would be Kelsea coming up on the lift to sing the Jordin Sparks/Danielle part. I certainly wasn’t expecting Danielle to come out of the floor. The duet was PHENOMENAL.


TR closed the show with Kelsea, Russell and Ryan joining him on stage to cover Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic. So cool! As you can tell by the picture, no fun was had during this song.


After the show Ryan and Russell stood out in the lobby and signed and took pictures with anyone who wanted to stand in line, which was so sweet of them. I was super excited to get my picture with Russell from Faster Horses signed! (and I didn’t expect to meet Ryan twice, but that happened, so that was cool!)

Basically, what I’m telling you is that this tour is everything good in the world. If this show is coming to your town…GO. If its not, you still need to see these four live at some point, because they’re fabulous. The best dang show ever. I hope y’all are as excited about this tour as I am. The post-concert depression is real 😉