B-93 Birthday Bash: Day 1 6/17/17

Paradise Outlaw, Joe Diffie, Brooke Eden, Michael Ray, Granger Smith and Big & Rich

We’re just going to start this article out by saying that 1.) B-93 can throw a party and 2.) I just love Michael Ray.

Paradise Outlaw and Joe Diffie: We got to the track towards the end of Paradise Outlaw’s set (local band). We heard a few songs from them while we were walking in and they sounded great. As for Joe Diffie, we were working on getting checked in and getting details for our Granger Smith meet and greet, and didn’t see much.


Brooke Eden: I ADORE Brooke Eden. Her set consisted of songs from her “Welcome to the Weekend” EP –  “Silence Speaks”, “Sunday Mornin'”, and her current single, “Act Like You Don’t”, along with “American Dreamin'” amongst others. We got to see Brooke afterwards because she is the SWEETEST human, and stood and signed for anyone who wanted to come meet her. (Seriously, I think she was there for a couple hours). I got to have her sign our picture from last summer and she even posted it the picture from Friday on her Instagram so that made my freakin’ day!

Michael Ray: Also on the list of people I adore is this sweet fella. Not only is he like, REALLY good looking, he is incredible live. His set consisted of a couple covers including a mashup of “House Party”, “Wagon Wheel”, and a few other tunes. He also covered David Lee Murphy’s “Dust on the Bottle”. Its one of my favorite songs on the planet as it is, and so many people cover it, but no one does it like Michael. SO. DAMN. GOOD. He sang his new single “Get To You” (ALSO SO GOOD), along with his hits “Think a Little Less”, “Real Men Love Jesus”, and “Kiss You In The Morning”. His set also consisted of other songs from his debut record including “This Love”, “Another Girl”, and my favorite, “Drivin’ All Night” amongst others. We got up to get lunch after Michael’s set and next thing I know he’s standing at the fence signing and taking pictures with people. I got to see Michael last month at The Ryman, and was so excited to see him again. (Also, I’m not sure if it was Birthday Bash, or Michael Ray Bash, because I don’t think I’ve shut up about him since Saturday, or stopped jammin’ his new single since it came out Thursday).

Granger Smith: Before the show we had meet and greets and seeing Granger is always great. He and his crew are super sweet. His show was wonderful as always. His set included “Backroad Song”, “If The Boot Fits”, “19 Forever”,  “Silverado Bench Steat”, “Remington”, and his new single “Happens Like That”, along with tons of others. Granger is always a huge crowd pleaser, especially when he walks in the crowd during “We Do It In A Field” (he high-fived my little brother and he was GEEKED). He also did some phenomenal covers of Alabama’s “I’m in a Hurry” and Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”. Of course Earl Dibbles Jr. came out and sang “The Country Boy Song”. Such a great set, as always.

Big & Rich: This is the second time I’ve seen Big & Rich and they were so much better this time than last! There set included “Lost in this Moment”, “Comin’ to Your City”, and “I Play Chicken with the Train” featuring Cowboy Troy, and lots of other songs. A highlight of the show: Michael Ray wrote “Run Away With You” with John Rich, and came out to sing it, which was freaking incredible. One of the coolest things was when Big & Rich sang “8th of November” and brought a veteran onstage for the song to show appreciation for our men and women who have served, or are serving our country.  During the last few songs the veteran, along with Michael, Granger and a few others sat in the back at the bar and watched the rest of the show including “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”.

Day one of Bash was INCREDIBLE. Stay tuned to hear about day two!



My favorite live acts and who I REALLY want to see…

Concerts have always been my thing… My first one? The Backstreet Boys when I was five years old. Over the years I’ve been to a whole lot of concerts. In no particular order my favorite live acts are:

Kelsea Ballerini

I seen Kelsea for the first time (no pun intended) when she played the Next from Nashville Stage at Faster Horses in 2015. I’ve seen her five time, and will see her for a sixth on the Hometeam Tour (and hopefully a seventh when she’s here with Lady A this summer). I like to think I was on the KB bandwagon before there was one. My favorite thing in the world was tweeting her the night before a show about how much I loved Peter Pan LONG before it was a single, and she recognized me singing on the front row and started pointing and singing to me. (I was recording it at the time, and oh boy, I still get EMOTIONAL when I watch that video, because that song…just, uhhh, yes). It was also so fun to be one of the only ones who knew all the words to all the songs she sang right after Love Me Like You Mean It went number one at Faster Horses.


Thomas Rhett

Those dance moves give Luke a run for his money. I love seeing TR live, and can’t wait for round three on the Hometeam Tour. No one does onstage humor quite like TR 😉 Also, the best thing in the world is seeing Laur sit side stage and just look like the most proud human.


Alan Jackson

Alan is different than the others you’ll see on the list. He doesn’t dance around the stage like TR, and his show definitely has a different vibe than FGL, but seeing him at Faster Horses… I have no words other than beautiful. I was so excited to see him live after wanting to see him live for about 13 years. SO. GOOD. So emotional. It takes a lot to make me cry at a show (i.e. Kels’ Peter Pan LB Drink a Beer and Carrie Underwood Don’t Forget to Remember me are the only songs that have done it) but I got a little overly emotional more than once during Alan’s set.


Granger Smith

One of the nicest guys in country music. I love watching Granger’s live show. It’s funny because I seen him three times as opening acts/festivals, but this summer I seen him headline for the first time. It took me wayyyy to long to realize just how much I adore Granger, but then I did his VIP experience and met him this summer, and realized how much I loved his music and how dang sweet he is. (Side note: he and his crew are the sweetest. It was over 90 degrees out and his manager gave us all water when we were getting off the bus. Also, can everyone do VIP meet and greets on the bus, because COOLEST THING EVERRRR.) He puts on such a good show, and has a way of getting a crowd fired up. Granger’s live show is always about being up close and personal with the fans. Whether its slapping high fives to everyone he can reach, or literally going up into the middle of the grand stand at his headlining show, he’s always all about the fans.


Florida Georgia Line

ENERGY. No one brings the party quite like FGL. Not only do they put on a dang good show, but they can pick some opening acts (notice TR, Granger and Chris are all on the list. TR was the middle slot on there first headlining tour, and Granger and Chris just finished up the Canadian leg of the Dig Your Roots tour). I love these fellas, and don’t miss them when they come to Michigan!


Hunter Hayes

That boy can play guitar. I’ve seen Hayes more than any other artist (he and Kelsea will be at six shows each after the Home Team tour) and he’s one of my favorites. I had the opportunity to see him play the Grand Ole Opry in May 2015, and there is nothing more magical than that.


Chris Lane

I tell y’all all the time he’s the sweetest human, but his live show… Amazing! All the dance moves, all the boy band covers and all the wonderful that is Chris.img_8921

Eric Freaking Church

Those vocals. That says it all. Going in, I’ll be honest, I was NOT excited he was headlining Faster Horses 2016. Some different things were said over the years that made me less than a fan. I liked some of his music, but some things he said really upset me. I never understood why everyone freaked out about Eric Church. After seeing him live my opinion has changed. I absolutely LOVED his live show. It was absolutely amazing. I can’t get over it, and I would see him again in a heartbeat.


Brooks & Dunn (probably)

I’m sure B&D was great live… but I was YOUNG when I seen them. (I was 10 when I seen them, so it was also 10 years ago). What I remember was great, but I don’t remember much. My feet hurt, we were on the hill at DTE Energy Music Theatre, I was afraid I was gunna fall down the hill and I was so tired (from SCREAMING during Sugarland). I remember the confetti at the end during Only in America, and I remember an audience member calling someone on the phone so they could listen (Throwback Thursday ha.) and Kix said I hope you have a good minute plan and sat the phone on the stage.

Top Vocalists live:

  • Mickey Guyton
  • Eric Church
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Jason Aldean


My concert bucket list (as of right now):

  • Garth Brooks
  • Maren Morris (15 in a 30 tour this summer, I get to see her and I’m FREAKIN out)
  • Tim McGraw
  • Maddie & Tae
  • BRETT ELDREDGE!!! (The Faster Horses lineup comes out next week and I’m praying his name is on it…
  • (I just REALLYYYY wanna see Brett okay?)
  • I’d also love to remember a B&D show if the opportunity ever presented itself
  • Brett Young (I got to see half his Faster Horses set, but I adore him)


So now you’ve heard who I love live… I want to know who you love! Tell me in the comments, under this post on Insta or Facebook (@pinkguitarsandmasonjars), or tweet us (@guitarsandjars).

Throwback Thursday: Granger Smith – Bury Me In Blue Jeans


For the first Throwback Thursday song and video, this is one of the first songs I ever heard from Granger Smith. I love Granger, and the added novelty of Earl Dibbles, Jr. but my favorite thing about him? His genuine love for his family. It’s fun to see all of Granger’s rockstar pictures of course, but my favorite photos to see are the pictures Granger is always so proud to share of his beautiful family. This video showcases it, featuring his beautiful wife, Amber, and more of his family and precious babies. Nothing melts my heart like that little girl running into his arms at the end of the video! Check it out below: