What I’m Listening to Right Now!

Looking for something new to listen to? Here’s some of what I’m loving right now!

(Yes, there is a lot of Devin Dawson on this list, yes I did do a separate post about how awesome Dark Horse is. Read it HERE.)


Fall Recap: Where Was I?

So when I moved to West Michigan I was wayyy closed to one of my favorite concert buddies, Cori. We’ve gone a little concert nuts since August. (This is a continuation of my last post of where have you been, but to prevent it from being to long I separated it.. so heres whats happened since August haha).

We’re a couple hours from Chicago. When Thomas Rhett announced his three show album release parties so close to us I HAD to be there. Thirty bucks got you a ticket, a t-shirt, a signed CD and a digital copy. It was INCREDIBLE. I had class, so we were standing at the back of Joe’s on Rosemont and I had chills the entire time. It was so cool.

The very next day we drove to Taylor, MI because Michael Ray was playing, duh. I ended up with meet and greets because he’s the sweetest human, and also became one of the world’s biggest Devin Dawson fan that day.

The next weekend we headed to Allegan to see Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen play. (Everyone went nuts during Life Changes in the parts about Lauren, Willa Gray and Ada James).

I then got to go see Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd, in his hometown of Kalamazoo. Such a good show. This was the weekend after the Vegas tragedy and the most beautiful moment I’ve ever seen at a concert was Maren’s tribute with Dear Hate.

Next my Momma and I drove six hours to Indianapolis to see Russell Dickerson’s album release party show. Such an incredible show, such an incredible album. So good to get to hug he and Kails. Also, I got to see Hannah Ellis open, which was awesome, and she was such a sweetie!

(Wow, as I type this I’m realizing I’ve been real busy since I moved here).

The weekend after RD, Mom, Cori and I drove to Medina, OH because thats the closest Michael’s headlining tour was. We did VIP. Devin and Michael were incredible (in other news the sky is blue) and there new music is SO GOOD.

The week of Granger Smith’s album release he did all sorts of pop up shops promoting When the Good Guys win. One of these were under an hour away from me, so I was obviously there. This was so cool. They weren’t there to make money, in fact the album was five bucks. They were there to get that album in people’s hands and to say thank you.

LASTLY, I went to Nashville. We went to the Country Rising Benefit show, which had a bunch of great acts such as Chris Stapleton, George Strait, Sam Hunt and Reba. The highlight of the trip for me was probably the night before though. We went to see a writers round at The Listening Room Cafe. This is a monthly round with Josh Kerr, Jordan Minton, Jordan Reynolds and Nick Wayne. (Josh is one of the writers behind Dylan Scott’s “My Girl”, and Kelsea Ballerini’s “Dibs” and “Love Me Like You Mean It.” He is also currently producing Nick’s record. Being a big KB fan, I’ve became a huge fan of his writing, so when I found out we were in town for this round we HAD to go. Jordan Reynolds wrote multiple tracks on the new Russell Dickerson record, – including on of my favorites “Would You Love Me”, Dan + Shay’s new single “Tequila”, and Lauren Alaina’s “Three”, and Keith Urban’s “Gettin’ In The Way”). About halfway through the round they say oh yeah, Keith Urban is here… then I lost my mind, because I was like five feet away from him, so that didn’t suck. Overall, this show was so cool to see. Such a talented group of writers. There was one other special guest, Hannah Ellis. It was so cool to get to see Hannah again after seeing her in Indy and to see her get up and sing a verse/chorus of her single “Temporary Feeling” and to see the whole group perform “How Do I Get Close” (wrote by Ellis, Wayne and Kerr).

It’s been an awesome and busy time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

RDparD – Knoxville Edition!

The day after my college graduation I was taking a nap, because I deserved it dang it, haha. I woke up and seen Russell’s “Just Announced: Knoxville, TN” tweet, and realized it was while we were on vacation in Gatlinburg. I started frantically pulling up the Maps app immediately to see how far it was from where we were staying. When it said an hour it was a no brainer, (and a “MOMMMM! WE HAVE TO GO, RUSS IS GUNNA BE AN HOUR AWAY! PLEASEEEEEEE?!”). VIP for the show was $30, and all the money went to the Boys and Girls Club on top of it all, so we got out tickets and were ready, and I was counting down the days all week…

We got to the venue, which was a little stage set up in the middle of an outdoor shopping mall. We walked around for a little bit, because we were there really early, then decided we’d just go start the line. Russell came out and sound checked since he had just got off a flight, so we got to see soundcheck, which was cool. We weren’t going to bug him before the show because our VIP had a meet and greet after the show, but after he left the stage I look over and he was frantically waving to come say hi.

We talked about graduation, the Hometeam Tour, how Momma was the best for agreeing to drive to Knoxville because neither of us knew where the heck we were, and of course the first time I heard “Yours” on our local radio station. (If you didn’t read about me almost crashing my car when that happened you can check it out here). I love Russ’ music, and his live show is phenomenal, but the thing I love most: I’ve met him three times now, and he has consistently been the most genuine, kind, not only artist, but human I’ve ever met. I also got to see his sweet wife, Kailey, and she’s such a freaking rockstar. Also, the kindest human.

We noticed in pictures from previous shows everyone sat down at these shows, but thats just not how you have an RDparD, haha. We didn’t have any clue what we were doing, so we just stood in front of the stage, because thats where we (and a bunch of others) wanted to be anyway. (Also, shout out to the two nice guys who we talked to in line and held our spot up front because we were talking to RD. Everyone is so much nicer in Tennessee. That’s a FACT.) We also got to be upfront with my Twitter friends Shannon and Maddie who were from NOWHERE near Knoxville, and drove a long ways. Its funny what music and the internet does, when you know two girls from totally different states, because we’re all Russell fans…

Russ sang all the songs off the Yours EP (Every Little Thing, MGNO, Blue Tacoma and Yours). He asked what everyone wanted to hear because he was just kinda jammin’ and didn’t have a plan. I don’t think he was expecting 0 to 60 to be a response (my response). He said it was the first song he ever wrote (you learn something new every day), and he didn’t even know if he remembered the words (fun fact, he did, because he said he’d sing the chorus for me, then sang the whole song, and I was the happiest human). He also sang That’s My Girl, Billions (new song, YouTube it and thank me for the suggestion later), and Whiskey on my Breath (recorded by Love and Theft, he was a writer on it!). The show was incredible, but its Russell, so it always is.

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Post show, we had a meet and greet from purchasing VIP, so we got to say hey again, and he thanked us again for driving, congratulated me on graduating again, and we talked about the fact that I want to go into radio for a second. We took a few more pictures, talked about seeing he and Kailey (the best meet and greet photographer everrrr) in June at Hoedown in Clarkston, MI,  then said goodbye and headed to standstill traffic on the expressway and a woman who drove for ten miles in the pitch black without headlights on behind us.

Every time we see Russ it just gets better. I cannot wait to see him in June and am always so blown away by how kind he and Kailey are.



YOURS EP: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/yours-ep/id1168669327

But also, his Die to Live Again album is incredible and if you don’t have it… fix that: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/die-to-live-again/id415673784

Follow Russell:  Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @russelled

Tour Dates, Merch and everything thats good on his website:


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The First Time I Heard One of My Favorites on the Radio…

“I had to pull over because I almost crashed my car…”

Dramatic enough for you yet?

 I decided to go to the beach and sit on the rocks for a little while on my last day of school. On my way home I was trying to get my piece of crap CD player to work (seriously, if I put another CD in and it says error again I’m gunna put my fist through the dash), while driving down a little dirt road. I eventually gave up after putting a CD in and it ejecting it about 57 times. Well the radio kicked on and next thing I know “I was a boat stuck in a bottle…” I had to pull my over because I almost crashed my car… I’ve been a fan of Russell Dickerson since around 2012, and he was on the local radio station in my one stoplight town. I sat on the side of that dirt road, (if we’re honest I think I parked in the middle of the road, haha), recorded a piece of it to send to him and SCREAMED (and almost ugly cried… please don’t try to find the video on my Twitter, it’s not cute haha, but I was WAY to excited for Russ). So here’s to RD’s single officially being at radio, and my cute little cherry red Jeep still being in one piece.


Hope you enjoyed this little random blog post, here’s to lots more this summer!

XOX, -Jessie

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The Home Team Tour!

The day this lineup came out I lost all chill… and not much changed at the show.

We got to The Dow Event Center, and checked in to the Home Team VIP. We got our lanyards, meet and greet passes and our merch gift – a fanny pack, a towel, and a sweatband. We also picked up our Ryan Hurd meet and greet passes.

First was our TR meet and greet. I was shaking so bad. I walked in, congratulated him on the babies and we talked about Learned it from the Radio being my favorite song. We talked for another minute, we took a picture, he gave me a hug, then I walked out in the lobby and almost bawled my face off in excitement. (If I had that meet and greet picture it would be here… but I won’t get it for a few days, and I’m not a patient person and I wanna post this haha).

Between Thomas’ meet and greet and acoustic performance we had our Ryan Hurd meet and greets we had won. It was super awesome to meet Ryan. He was such a sweetheart!

Then it was time for one of the best parts of the night: the VIP acoustic performance. We were in the back because of having to leave the line for our Hurd meet and greet, and  I was leaning up against a closed bar that was in the VIP room. I look to my right as I’m leaning on the bar, and who is standing there? LAUREN. I started frantically waving like an idiot, and she in her sweet Lauren way, of course, smiled and waved back. I had a picture with her from a few years ago, and a bunch of TR’s crew was standing by her and one of the ladies handed it to her to sign. TR played “Make Me Wanna” and “Die a Happy Man” and answered a few questions. The funniest parts of the Q&A consisted of someone giving TR a Christmas ornament for the new baby. (They suggested Laur come open it, he said she was to pregnant, and as I stood three feet away from her the look on her face was priceless). TR says “Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland?” (the worlds largest Christmas store for all the non-Michigan kids) and Lauren jumps off the counter and says “THOMAS RHETT THAT’S WHERE I WANTED TO GO TODAY!” Russell Dickerson and his sweet wife Kailey popped there heads in around the corner during VIP as well (at which point I started frantically waving to the two of them, because they’re basically the sweetest humans. Also, notice a theme with my frantic waving…ha). During the Q&A everyone was asking about Lauren, and TR said he thought he should quit singing and they should just do a stand up comedy act because all the questions were about her. After the performance she slid over on the counter and we took a picture and I was so excited. My night had been made LONG before the show started. The decor in the Home Team lounge was super awesome too. Our host told us that TR and Lauren gave VIP Nation a lot of the things to decorate with. (Photos of them growing up, wedding photos, football helmets, and they even had Lauren’s red dress that was part of the inspiration for Die A Happy Man). The VIP experience was so cool and it was awesome to see TR and Lauren.

Then it was show time! Russell Dickerson opened the show, and if you’ve read anything on this blog, you probably know I adore RD. We got to hear all four songs off the Yours EP (BLUE TACOMA IS MY JAM AND EVERYONE AROUND ME KNEW IT) and a song that isn’t out yet. Russell never ceases to amaze me live. During his second or third song my Mom looked at me, laughed and said “I know you love Russ, but its the first act, if you keep screaming and singing like that you aren’t gunna have a voice”. (Side note: I didn’t shut up, and thankfully , and shockingly, could talk this morning).

Ryan Hurd was up next. He was so full of energy and sounded awesome! I’ve listened to Ryan’s music, and I love it, but going into the show I wasn’t super familiar with it like I was the others. I was super impressed. He was great!

Kelsea TIMEEEE! Again, if you frequent the blog, you know she’s basically my favorite human. She killed it as always. Her set consisted mostly of songs from The First Time, a heartbreak medley leading into Peter Pan, a cover of The Chainsmokers “Closer” and one of the songs that is going to be on KB 2 – “Roses”. SO. GOOD.


Then it was TR time! Thomas was amazing as always. He sang a mix of songs from the first and second record, and two from his next record.


At one point, TR went to a B stage at the back of an arena and did a mashup of some record one songs. On the way back he sported a Dad to Be hat with a pink something (a bow?) on it, and talked about his daughter to be for a second.  TR had a beer(?) on the B stage, went to hand it to Lauren, then goes “I almost handed you that, you can’t have that, you’re pregnant” (then the entire arena erupted in laughter). During the show another fan handed TR a onesie that said “Star of the Show” on it. Another fan had a poster that TR pointed out asking if they needed a nanny. I think its safe to say Thomas and Laur aren’t the only ones excited about the future Akins babies, the fans already adore them and they haven’t even made there way into the world yet. Now that we’ve all collectively gushed over that preciousness… Danielle Bradberry showed up! When TR started to sing “Playing with Fire” I assumed it would be Kelsea coming up on the lift to sing the Jordin Sparks/Danielle part. I certainly wasn’t expecting Danielle to come out of the floor. The duet was PHENOMENAL.


TR closed the show with Kelsea, Russell and Ryan joining him on stage to cover Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic. So cool! As you can tell by the picture, no fun was had during this song.


After the show Ryan and Russell stood out in the lobby and signed and took pictures with anyone who wanted to stand in line, which was so sweet of them. I was super excited to get my picture with Russell from Faster Horses signed! (and I didn’t expect to meet Ryan twice, but that happened, so that was cool!)

Basically, what I’m telling you is that this tour is everything good in the world. If this show is coming to your town…GO. If its not, you still need to see these four live at some point, because they’re fabulous. The best dang show ever. I hope y’all are as excited about this tour as I am. The post-concert depression is real 😉



Artist Spotlight: Russell Dickerson


About three years ago Tyler Hubbard (of Florida Georgia Line) was talking about a song he wrote that was put out by an artist named Russell Dickerson. I listened to the song and bought it on iTunes immediately. I had become obsessed with the song “That’s My Girl” (side note: not much has changed). Since then, Russell has independently released his current EP, Yours, and created an amazing video with his sweet gem of a wife, Kailey. Since then the sweet Dickerson fam has got to see that title track gain popularity, and on September 29, 2016 RD signed a record deal, with Sony New York and Triple Tiger. (One of my favorite things about Russell is his love for his wife and just how much he credits his  her for his success. From taking some awesome photos on the road, and helping create videos, to helping drive from city to city, RD is the first to say Kailey is a major part of the operation).

I got to see Russell at Faster Horses this summer and his show was AMAZING. When they talk about RDparD, they certainly aren’t taking the party lightly, because that’s truly what it is. I got to meet Russell and Kailey at the show, and my mind was blown by how sweet they were. Two of the most kind humans I’ve ever met.

Russell Dickerson Collage
Faster Horses 2016

When you look at my about the creator page you see three of my favorite artists are Russell, Thomas Rhett and Kels. The day the Hometeam tour was announced my mother was NOT happy with how loud I screamed… Then she could hear me screaming outside of our house when she was leaving for work (love youuuu) so to say I can’t wait for this Saginaw show to get here is an understatement. Can’t wait for the RDparD to come back to Michigan! Check Russell out on the Hometeam tour and his “Yours” headlining tour this winter! Can’t wait until then? (Me either!) I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of some of my favorite Russell Dickerson songs below! Enjoy 🙂

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Insta/Twitter/Facebook: @russelled